Here’s a big short story opportunity particularly for new writers, with lots of innovative aspects, including soundtrack and decent fees for the writers!

Rajeev Balasubramanyam is editing Tell Tales Volume 3. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the anthology, there’s a website

It’s an anthology of short-stories written to work on the page but also for performance, with a soundtrack composed for each story by the Tell Tales DJ, Zak. The second anthology came out a few months ago and we have toured all over the country. For this second anthology, the fee is 350 pounds, and readings pay 140-200. The word limit is 2000 words (so that it can be read in ten minutes or under) and the deadline is end of Jan. If interested in contributing to the anthology, please let me know. We are particularly keen to publish unpublished writers, which is one of the reasons Tell Tales exists, i.e. to showcase new talent.

Contact: [email protected]

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