I am blogging from the Apple Store in Regent St.

It may seem weird to some, but I have been waiting for years to be in the same location as this many Macs, to be here when a store devoted to Apple’s was within reaching distance.

I go to geek out pleasurably.


I am such a nerd….

UPDATE: The store is interesting. Very industrial, and well being this close to a G5 iMac (actually typing this entry on one) is making my head spin.

There are of course dozens of people milling around and using the machines. There’s a theatre-thingy upstairs where it seems they offer workshops and classes.

The stairs are made of a transluscent glass…. it’s very :sigh: overwhelming, although I was expecting more floors.

Still, the prices are still troo expensive. You could save the cost of your ticket to go to NY and buy a Mac there and bring it back… don’t you think that’s bad?

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