I’ve been offered a job… in Barbados… Editor-in-Chief of something…

Dunno… just made such a huge leap to come to England, don’t know if I want to go back to Barbados right now. Certainly after spending so much time in Bim, desperate and anxious to GET OUT!

Then what happens if a year from now the thing fold? I’ll be stuck in Bim with nothing to do… I HATE LIVING IN BARBADOS!!

Very confused… should I leave, should I stay in England. Seems a waste to hope and dream and wish for something better up here, then turn around and go back to the Caribbean.

Seems a little stupid to turn down a gig as an Editor-in-Chief of something, especially this project which I can tell you I have a good imagination of it’s potential…

These people want me… want me enough to call me here in England and ask me… give me time to think it through!


Why is my life like this… why can’t my life just be simple.

My mother’s best friend and my second mother is dying. I’ve written about it before, but now they say she’s only days away…

I’m in pain over this, but it’s a weird kind of pain. Know too much, seen too much, been through too much.

Why can’t things just be nice and simple for a while…

I need a break from all these dramas.

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