Gad Oi! This is a must read… you know my mother’s words are coming back to haunt me, “They will teef again, you know…”

Tell me about democracy again? Personally I think democracy is like socialism, no true state exists that follows the philosophy. Just like China is not truly socialist, and Russia never really was, no real democracy exists in the West. America is as much a Banana Republic as say, Haiti or Venezuela, where Bush’s government has either deposed or attempted to depose ‘democratically’ elected officials.

This article talks about how the votes that were never counted were overwhelming for the Democrats, and overwhelmingly Black.  So it kind of sickens me to see Bush supporters smugly reporting throughout the blogosphere, about how so many more Bush supporters turned out to vote.

It amazes me how people see only what they wanted to see.

From: Kerry Won.

Byline: Greg Palast, contributing editor to Harper’s magazine, investigated the manipulation of the vote for BBC Television’s Newsnight. The documentary, “Bush Family Fortunes,” based on his New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, has been released this month on DVD.

Thanks to knoxsocialist for the heads up on this one.

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