From BBC NEWS | Technology | Blogger grounded by her airline:

‘Hazardous sites’

Some of you may or may not know, that Queen of Sky has been embroiled in a fight against the airline she works/worked for, regarding the posting of pictures in her uniform in her blog.

If you can believe this, they suspended her without pay indefinitely pending an investigation.

Well Sister Sky took her fight big time, and I found this link on the BBC through Caratacus’ blog.

Of course you know Big Mami, thinks the airline is being postively facist, and supports QOS in her fight. I’m sorry I didn’t have more money, otherwise I’d definitely donate to her fund.

Go read the story. I’m still a little agog about the whole thing, and simply can’t imagine what there was to get upset about; worse, suspend someone with no warning to discussion.

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