So syciano has pulled out. She’s gone, she’s gone, she’s gone.

Suddenly JS seems emptier. She was my yardie on here… one of the best friends I’ve made on JS, and now… she’s gone.

She said it was getting too hard for her to write about her personal shit, too painful to talk about some things, and she’s given up on love and reverting to type.

:sigh: I just know I’m going to miss the shit out of her.

Who am I going to want to slap as hard as Baby Daddy? I’m going miss hearing about her juciy sexual adventures, and her joys and sorrows of parenting.

This blog fallout business is a bitch… I’ve made and lost so many friends on this site. It’s hard to imagine it’s all just happening in cyberspace.

Farewell syciano, Big Mami loves you and will miss you.

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