I have such good friends.

One sister, one of my big sisters in DC, sent me some wonderful words of encouragement regarding YMK that I really needed to hear. She’s also a big part of the reason why I have my laptop today. She also got me some CDs that I really appreciated.

My cousin, oyasdawta, understands me so well and give me great solace when I can find her on MSN. She always greets me the same way “What’s up Queen”.

My former lover dayoman is still my original Yardie for life, and assures me he will kick anybody’s ass who fucks with me. He says he’ll buy a plane ticket to do it. (You know I named a character in my book after you right? That’s the best kind of love baby…)

And speaking of kicking ass, my Padawan, who is tiny and slim, not only flew up to defend her Sugar Mami, but tells me almost everyday that she is backing me up. She, I miss the most sometimes, because we spent almost a year sitting at a desk together, smoking in the car park downstairs and liming on the weekends. Never mind she’s ten years younger than me, she’s become one of my best friends. Shit, we all need comic relief and unflinching support sometimes.

prettytrini and ohans came through with some donations so I could keep Tribelife and Sunhead up and running.

AfrikaX, keeps me believing that some day a man will know how wonderful I am and give me the kind of love and care that I need even though I throw off disappointment after disappointment. He also bought me copies of the Tarot Lukumi, Tarot of The Orishas and the companion book, after reading my post on Tarot Lukumi.

Bluey keeps sending me links for jobs, and keeps encouraging me to reach for my dreams and is making me God Mama to her sweet little Amadi soon to be here.

Eyaniev, sent me some change that helped me tremendously the last weekend I was in London. And she’s a good friend who started out as a friend of a friend, but if it wasn’t for her I don’t know how I would have gotten through Keffi’s passing. Now our friendship has it’s own curves and we’ve been through things together that might have destroyed an ordinary friendship. Good woman with a big, beautiful heart.

The professor-dude, keeps calling me and telling me he’s sending my CV off to his friends and people.

Laura, pushed me to come to England because she knows I need ed to get out of the Caribbean. She also gave me the professor dude’s number.

Keifel let me keep my mac.com email address for another year, even though I have no money to pay for it.

UT, is still my UT, even after almost 25 years.

Ezebaby, my oldest friend, and the mother of one of my god daughters, is still the person I know if I have nothing, no place to go, no place to live I can go to her house and live without drama indefinitely.

Bluemoaner read my Piquant Bass manuscript and thought it was good, and gave me just the right kind of encouragement to keep working on it as a book.

My JS yardies are so supportive when I need them.

I am richly blessed, with great friends. It’s not because some of thes people send me presents or help me out with money from time to time, it’s because they care about me and help me out and are there for me when I need them.

I am a thousand times blessed.

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