The conjunction between Venus and the Moon and the sextile between Pluto and Uranus make probable some pleasant and unexpected events, concerning your sentimental life. In work, your abilities will be recognised and your mood will go through a perfect phase.

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There’s lots of intimate feeling on the agenda. Whether you choose to bond with someone spiritually, emotionally or physically, make sure you do some serious bonding right now. Why waste this chance?

Now’s a great time for one of your patented instant displays of affection. Even if you’re not seeing anyone, try a quick bouquet or candygram on someone sweet. An encounter with a different culture gives you new ideas for showing your love. Share your enthusiasm directly.

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When I advise you to spend the Halloween season awakening and nurturing your wildness, I’m referring to the definition of that word offered by Robert Bly in his book, The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart. To be wild is not to be crazy like a criminal or psychotic, but “mad as the mist and snow.” It has nothing to do with being childish or primitive, nor does it manifest as manic rebellion or self-damaging alienation. The marks of wildness, Bly says, are a love of nature, a delight in silence, a voice free to say spontaneous things, and an exuberant curiosity in the face of the unknown. Follow these leads, Aries, and expand on their meaning. Halloween costume suggestions: whirling dervish, ecstatic saint, Green Man, Artemis, Pan, trickster crone.

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