I noticed today, that bluey’s blog bites the dust once more.

I dunno, ya’ll, but I can’t keep with her anymore.

Hope she’s fine and will let me know what is going on with the baby I’m supposed to be God parenting; the lovely Amadi will be her name.

Syciano has been busy with her life and healing process, and well, I miss her a lot too.

Those are my girls, don’tcha know?

Good news though, I heard from the ex-professor last night, he’s hooked up a phone call to a biq wig in a big wig company.  He says he thinks the #2 guys is looking for someone to help him run some stuff. Sounds exciting in everyway… an opportunity to use both my journalism and web development together in one job.

I’m amazed that this professor dude has not forgotten about me. I’ve been trying to be reserved and not call him, but he’s the one who is calling, and making sure that my CV is going across a few influential desks; he’s calling me and keeping me informed about what he’s doing.

It’s like a blessing to finally have someone actively helping me. He’s doing conscientious follow-up in my cause, and I am just so grateful for his efforts.

So on Monday I have to call the big wig, and remind him to send my CV to his #2. Then I have to call the #2 and make sure he gets my CV.

I’ve got a couple call backs from agencies this week, but I’m very sceptical about agencies now… too much talk, talk, talk and not enough action. Like always though, we’ll see.

That’s my daily report. Today was pretty boring, as I have seen no one all day.

I’m reading The Sundowners by Leslie Lokko. It’s going slowly because although it’s not badly written I find the characters too much like girls out of the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton.

If you are not with the ‘beloved’ Enid Blyton, personally I grew up on her books. There very few of them that I did not read. However I began to realise at an early age that there was a kind of stiltedness, a bend in her writing, and as I got older I realised it was because there were racist undertones in her writing.

In The Sundowners, there is a beautiful white South African girl, who is quite an unsympathetic character, who heads off to boarding school in England, and meets three English girls. The only thing missing from that part of the story was moonlight picnics, but there was lacrosse and tea shops etc. etc. etc..

Without looking forward in the story, I can tell you I know pretty much how the plot will go… I’m about four chapters in. :sigh: Like I said, it isn’t reading badly, but the predictability of the plot is annoying me.

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