Although I was invited to review a couple of tracks from ist’s  now released, Freudian Corduroy, the reviews were actually a part of a competition.

Rules were simple, submit a review and they’d pick the best handful and award them a copy of the CD, a T-Shirt and a copy of Similarly Inclined on 45″ vinyl. They’re signing the CD and the single too.

And guess what? I won!!

I am so fussy!! Maybe my luck is changing… 😀 (I’m not so silly, but you know… it’s still a nice thing to win something!)

BTW: I’m sitting here watching MTV2 Commercial Free, and I can so see this band in the rotation.

I think they’re going to make it, because they’re talents. I also like their grass roots efforts to promote their band, because you know Big Record Companies are unpleasant.

I understand their struggle, because my own brother is like them… maker of amazing music and struggling to get ‘known’, working at the ground level to put out CDs and promote them. Well my brother hasn’t gotten that far yet, but you know, I can encourage him, because guys like ist are getting their projects out there.

So here’s Big Mami, fussy over little to some, but something meaningful to me.

Big Mami is a winner today!

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