Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.

– Colette



Thursday, October 21:

It might seem like you’ve hit a dead end, but you’ve still got plenty of options. Take a deep breath and backtrack a little until you find the right place for you.


Don’t be surprised if you wake up with an attitude, so don’t torture anyone who’s not up for a verbal battle. Remember, picking on those less quick-witted isn’t fair. And today, that could be just about anyone.


From Yahoo:

It feels as though you and your beloved can read each other’s minds. This is a fantastic time to formulate life-long goals together. Finding ways to accommodate your individual needs will be easy, too. And although you have very different ideas about saving money, you can create a budget that will allow you to enjoy small luxuries whilst building a nest egg. If you don’t have a partner, a friendship could turn romantic.

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