If I tell allyuh I been lusting after this man since the first time I saw him interviewed for his song writing and production of that joint, “You Will Know” off of the “Jason’s Lyric” soundtrack, allyuh believe me right.

I was one of the few who thought he was brilliant before he blew up, I watched and waited, and watched and waited and when Daddy delivered, he did not disappoint, oui?

I know he’s short. I know he and Ms. Stone, didn’t have no bed of roses, but chile, I jess cyan help it. Everytime this man sings, or stands in front of any camera I salivate. I lose the plot, I slip away, the pores raise on my skin. Untitled (How Does It Feel), still has the ability to cause me to shiver even five years since the day I first heard it.

It took me almost a year to see the video after this track was released, and I remember I was at the erstwhile DivaGirl’s house, and I sat there just paralysed, unable to speak, unable to move, eyes big, praying, PRAYING for the camera to slip and knowing full fucking well it wouldn’t. But didn’t my breath catch more than once… damn! Everytime I see that video it’s the same.

I don’t have teenaged crushes on superstars anymore, but you know, my jones for D’Angelo is yet to abate after ten years.

My friends, I mean ‘my girls’ know this about me. I tell them I could be the most happily married woman, but if this African gave me a chance I would leave and go sort him out, you understand? I’d go home… eventually, but I would have to go and sort this man out.

In a way I am glad he doesn’t release more albums, because the quality of what he does produce, is so stellar, so deeply satisfying, that it keeps burning throughout. I appreciate that he takes his time with his music, and I have fantasies that he takes his time when he’s fucking too.

For me, my lust and love of his music are tied up together, because having grown up with musical genius, having come from a musical genius, I know how compelling it can be.

D’Angelo has been, still is and will always be my outside man for life.

I mean, just look at that sexy motherfucker!

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