So interested in this little showdown, and the ensuing debate etc. I found the entire thing available as a Real Player stream here.

Having not seen the segment, I was really interested in watching it.

What struck me the most from this was that Tucker Carlson, was very defensive, and came off as the dick Stewart accused him of being near the end of the show. The other fella, Paul Begala, wisely kept his mouth shut most of the time.

What I find so ridiculous was, Stewart is trying to engage them on an intellecual level to talk about the disparities between claims of journalism and the party spinning that they are apparently engaging in, and they for the most part laugh in his face, while he remains calm and earnest about the discussion.

If you haven’t seen the segment, it’s well worth watching. I admire Stewart for his cool and intelligence. He said what he had to say, and I admire him for his ability to remain unmoved in the face of this Carlson jackass’s derision and arrogance.

Thanks to desdema who posted the link to the video in Stupid Evil Bastard‘s blog.

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