richjob passed by here and told me about Jon Stewart bitch slapping those jokers on Crossfire.

I went over to his blog, followed the links and read the transcript and giggled my head off.

I stopped watching CNN a long time ago, and Crossfire, never ever, ever… but this was well worth it.

Jon Stewart, who I have always thought to be one of the more clever commentators of American culture and politics, has now made me a fan. How I do love a rebel, and his stance, when people go on these shows and cozy up, engage in yardfowlism, is quite refreshing. I’ve always liked him, but in a passing kind of way, not been a ‘fan’.

How often do you watch these shows, and sit disgusted while yes men and these jokey fuckers, just spout, spout, spout party lines?

It’s nice to know there’s at least one of these guys out here willing to stick it to these yard fowls.

I like, Big Mami like very much. (Besides, here’s one white boy I might brush… isn’t he cute? Nothing like a rebel to get a girl’s blood up, oui?)

Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ Show

CNN Transcript

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