editorsweblog.org posted this little tidbit from mediabistro.com about the nature of the biggest media brands.

It is citing a book, “Media Monoliths” by Mark Tungate, a British journalist who dissected as many as 20 of the largest media brand names in the world.

One of the things pointed out, was that in every case, it was an individual who created the brands, with a singular vision, ignoring their critics to see it through to it’s conclusion.

The piece struck me, because this is exactly what I would like to do with Sunhead. I’d like to turn it into a brand synonymous with the youthful Caribbean voice, and I’d like to turn it into a globally recognised brand name.

I have found the going very difficult, and I keep hearing this bullshit about I am ahead of my time, when I try to approach Caribbean money men about funding to make it happen.

I’ve struggled to keep Sunhead online, and I’m still struggling to do it, paying out of my own pocket to keep the network up, and it’s been erratic at best.

The article talks about all of this, and even specifically says, “The growth of the media monoliths has not been steady—on a chart plotting their progress, there would be a helter-skelter of peaks and troughs. But the secret is not to give up, to fight tooth and nail to stay in the game. Do deals, make sacrifices, and play dirty if you have to. And remember that some of the best ideas spring from necessity—I particularly appreciate the fact that the Financial Times was printed on pink paper not just because it would stand out, but also because it was cheaper.”

The whole article is a fascinating delving into how to make a media brand successful, and gave me some ideas as to how to achieve my own dream of seeing Sunhead called in the ranks of world leaders in media and publishing.

It’s a very good review, and I’ve added the book to my Amazon.com wishlist.

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