Now personally, I find not just Bill O’Reilly sickening, but the kind of journalism he practises as well. I don’t know if you can even loosely call him a journalist, because what he does is nothing if YELLOW in colour.

I saw him interview Chuck D once, and oh dear, Chuck nearly punched his lights out a couple of times, and I would have as well, because I couldn’t believe that a ‘journalist’ would be so offensive, personally offensive to an interview subject.

If for nothing else, he’s been one of the reasons why I find FoxNews on the whole, to be an irresponsible news outfit and why, I sungoddess, cannot abide even ten seconds of their ‘dessemination’ of information. And I am a seasoned journalist, oui?

Lest someone go off and say it’s because he represents the right, think again. I watch right-leaning commentary, coverage all the time, read ‘right’ newspapers and magazines as well. Not because I agree, but I like to hear everyone’s perspective; left, right, middle, above and below.

Bill O’Reilley is so nasty as a journalist, not just in his lack of professionalism, which is amazingly stunning to me, but because it reflects almost everyone who has an opinion and sits infront of a camera over at FoxNews, I just don’t want nothing to do with them or him.

He spout conservative schtick, like he’s just gagging for it… he’s about morals, family values and the Christian way, right? Right?

So imagine my shock, when during a free associative click fest (I do these all the time) I find this site, that right up at the top, is telling me that now Bill O’Reilly, bastion of the right and the public face of rabid conservatism, is embroiled in a sexual harrassment suit, as revealed by the smoking gun.

I haven’t laughed out loud once, not once. Not even when I read that whole bit with the falafel…

In fact, the most defining image that comes across to me, is that of frat boys. How most conservative mouth pieces and politicians, manage to talk up their game in public, but behind closed doors, they are debauched, spoiled and mired in the flesh and go against all the things they say they aren’t about hence my overwhelming declaration of hypocrisy.

It’s hard for me to imagine how these men continue to garner rabid support from the populace. I deduce that they are doing more than just talking up in public, they have to be using some other control mechanism, but since I am not in the know, I hesitate to speculate.

I bet’cha some damn ass is going to blame it on Disgruntled Employee Syndrome. “That cunt,” some of them will say, “She only wants money.”

Good little ostrich’s conservatives! And there was absolutely nothing snaking down Bush’s back during the debates either. No, I swear, I didn’t notice that the Emperor had on no clothes, it just wasn’t me, and if you say it was me, I’ll flipping deny it, oui?

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