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Lullaby Hearse is a quarterly magazine that seeks poetry and fiction grounded in the concrete. Urban or rural subjects are appropriate when focused on the unusual. Surrealist prose is accepted when done well. Images must be based on and derived from reality; don’t submit meditations on the craft or word play for its own sake. There are no taboos–sexually or violently graphic material is welcome when done in interesting ways. Work can vary from stark realism to nightmare landscapes, but contributors are encouraged not to be dull or fantastical. If your quality of writing is high, but your fiction or poetry contains elements too graphic or explicit to be accepted in general horror/fantasy or literary publications, you stand a good chance of acceptance here. Unique images, unusual story structure, and flawed characters are greedily sought.

Movie reviews should be brief and articulate, highlighting cult classics or obscure/foreign features. Please emphasize the film as a delicacy rather than an object of enthusiasm.

Submit 3-10 poems or 1-2 fiction pieces or movie reviews at a time. Maximum payment for fiction is $10-15 and $5 for reviews. Poetry pays a fixed rate of $5/poem, or $5 for the first and $3 for each additional poem if a contributor is asked to be featured. Alternative art and photography is welcome and pays $5-10 per piece. All contributors will receive one copy. Responds in 2 weeks. Simultaneous submissions are permissible, but no previously published work allowed. Buys one-time rights.

Send submissions in the body or as an attachment to:

[email protected]

Or send with a SASE to:

Sarah Jacobs

205 Linn St.

Ithaca, NY 14850

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