Many of you may not be aware of this, but the Journalspace community lost a member yesterday. MoonChylde‘s family posted this message in her blog yesterday:

My dearest friends,

my name is Christian, and in the name of Yaha, Astrid and all of Chrissy’s extended family it is my sad duty to inform all of you that Chrissy has passed away. Email her email [email protected], or [email protected] for wishes or messages to her family and friends and they will be  forwarded to them.

We have taken it upon ourselves to maintain her online presence and will shortly develop a site in her name, in the meantime, pray for her peaceful rest and send all your love and support to us, her friends, but mainly to her family.

We will all miss her terribly. Thank You for visiting.

Yaha, Astrid and Christian

I left a comment and a prayer:

Please accept my sympathies… although I wasn’t a daily reader, I came by and read as often as time allowed, and enjoyed this blog. Having lost people before and recently, my best friend who’s name was Christine, I know nothing more I say can stop that empty place where they were from feeling any less empty. All I can do is offer you a prayer. Mama Oya, Mother of The Dead, young Christine has come to you. O Great Mother of Change, protect our friend, protect her as she transitions, and protect us who must live without her. Ase O.

Right now, one of her exes, hovhaness who passed through here earlier today and left a comment for me, is struggling to deal with all of this, like many of her family members and others close to her.

People think because we have online relationships with people, we think we feel the loss less. Maybe that’s true for some, but I know when UppityNegro passed a while back, it spawned an outpouring of sorrow and dozens of fan sites.

I don’t what else I want to say, I just am so shocked and stunned by it, that more words than these are kind of outside me at the moment.

I also find it interesting my last post was about a celebration for Ancestors.

We have to stop fighting amongst ourselves, because tomorrow any of us could be gone… gone…

Blessings and Good Things JS. Take care, take care of each other.


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  • I remember MoonChylde. Thought of her tonight and wanted to see if there were any websites in her honor. Love and Peace. xx

    • Yes… she was a great part of the community… she is still missed. And she will always be remembered here.

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