I am heartened by ohans and prettytrini and their contributions to the fund, however we are still about USD$30 short of the immediate goal, which is renewing our domains.

Please contribute! I know many of you have no reason to care, but if you’re a regular reader, then you know I passionately feel about everything and everyone in my life, and Sunhead is a big part of my heart.

You contribution helps us to renew domains and keep our web hosting. I say we, because I ask on behalf of Sunhead’s user community.

Sungoddess’s Save Sunhead Fund! (BitPass)

For PAYPAL Users

Please click here to read more!

UPDATE: Thanks to SiouxMaiden who has pledged a money order towards web hosting!

Come on folks! We just need a little more towards the domains and we’ll be in the clear!!!

UPDATE 2: Thank you also to Art McGee, whose comments, encouragement and suggestions are well appreciated and came at just the right moment.

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