i think about my bed


under him every night

the bed where I slept

for a year


that fanciful thing

I loved

i think about me

leaving him,

sleeping there

still sleeping there

and walking away

i wonder about the

things he does

in my bed

and wonder how much of

it is still mine

how much of it

still holds my

spirit, my energy

and if he feels it

at night when he sleeps

i wonder if he is

impervious to it


if Osun’s beads

and the memory of

the way I made him


still linger


on the other

side of the ocean I am

sleeping in someone

else’s bed

and all i can think

about, are

the curves of the


the columns of the


in that fanciful bed

i loved

love still

i wonder

if my discomfort in

other people’s beds

is because the

only bed I own

lies across the


with the only

man I want still

in it

i wonder if he knows

i wonder if he knows


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