I feel good today. Maybe this is just an up, because I have had quite a few down days since I’ve been here, and I move between the two.  But today, I really feel good.

I think part of it has to be that Tribelife is back up, and I get to twiddle and mess with the code, add new features, fool around with it, which is always an anathema to boredom for me. I also get such a sense of satisfaction from squashing bugs mercilessly. This time though, it took Adam‘s kind-hearted sql skillachi styles, to rescue my login from hell. (You don’t need to understand what that means, I just needed to say it.)

It don’t matter anyway, I am in a good mood today. A friend of mine back in Bim offered me a low paying project yesterday. I was so glad at a real possibility for some money over the next month or two, no matter how small it is,  that I was feeling like this might be part of the answer. All I need is enough money to travel, to start getting winter clothes and to buy food. He tells me they’re expanding into the UK and there could be a place for me, and a good chance of solid decent paying work when they do.

I also spoke to one of Laura‘s ex-professors, some tech guru in England, and he said he’d see me next week and he’d see what he could do to help me.

So, like I said, it’s all not doom and gloom for me. Thing’s are getting better, or at least, I am seeing some kind of improvement. Never let anyone tell you that prayer doesn’t work; that there is no God/Goddess at work in the life of the Universe, hear? Don’t believe them! God’s time and your time are different time, and when it’s your time, nothing can stop it. Prayers do get answers, just when you are ready for it, not before.

The sun is shining for the first time this week, and lake is beautiful… I’m watching it as I type. The swans, who were missing since last week, have come back, and I’m feeling good to see their white feathers and serene long-necked paddling across the lake.

Moving on up, moving out… nothing can stop me.

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