Chile, ah been up since this morning (as previously reported) working on Tribelife.

I am exhausted, it’s a quarter past one in the morning, and I’ve been at it for most of the last twelve hours or so.

I’ve been putting out fire after fire, and I had to stop.

Inspired (sadistically so, might I add) by Pitza’s post yesterday, I dyed over my roots yesterday. Then today, in a fit of pique over yet another bug explosion in Tribe, I stopped long enough to roll my hair into these big Bantu knots, somehow enamoured by the idea of a ‘head of golden curls’.

The only way to get them with dreadlocks is to roll those little fuckers tight, tight. Now my head looks vaguely reminiscent of a porcupine’s and my scalp has been well greased but screaming under the tension of these knots.

How does DivaGirl do this every week? She’s crazy! Not only does it take so long, just so bloody long, my still recovering suffering right elbow was just shrieking in protest by the time it was all done!

After squashing one set of bugs, yet another set has cropped up in TribeLife. I am so frustrated, but I am not giving up. I just have to sign off on this bitch tonight. Gone are the days when I would nurse Tribe back to life after a difficult upgrade, nursing it for twenty-four, thirty-six hours at a time.

I love code, but twelve hours straight is pushing it… and well, Big Mami is getting old, oui?

On an up note, YMK FINALLY has Internet access and we had our first IM this morning. Well it was morning for him, early afternoon for me. Nothing sweet to report, it was all chit chat… but he’s got a job and he’s working on his ‘Big Project’ due in November. He starts work in October and I’m very proud of him. He’s moving himself ahead, slowly but surely.

My cousin and I spoke about this possible renting of flat business. I asked him if he was for real, he said yes. Then he added he would check to see if it was still available.

Hmmmm….. must be cock-blocking bad.

That said, I am hoping that it works out, because it would give me some more independence and put me back in London, where I most want to be.

Okay, I don’t know how I am sleeping on these porcupine quills.. on the real, but I am slowly shutting down.

I can feel that spaced out feeling creeping up from the back of my neck and settling right behind my eyeballs. The scalp tension is also whipping up a devilish headache.

However, no doubt I’ll be up tomorrow and dive right back in.

So no, we didn’t get Tribe back today, but I’m still working on it, maybe we’ll be lucky tomorrow.

Oh, and I’ll have a head of golden curls tomorrow too. Although, I may delay it and keep the knots a couple of nights and unleash it for something special. That way the curls will be tighter and last longer. You see what sisters have to do for beauty?

And speaking of beauty, I’ve been meaning to tell allyuh this for the longest while. You know you’re in the fucking boonies when you cannot even find nailpolish anywhere nearby. Shit, I can’t even find orange wood sticks or nail files. It’s positively tragic.

I’ve been to Strood, West Malling and Maidstone (in reversed order) and hadn’t found any.

When I was living is San Juan and with the Croisee (pronounced Kway-Zay) not five minutes away (on foot) I could find any kind of beauty product you could imagine. At least two brands of each? Shit, you could find blueing balls at 6am on a public bank holiday in the Croisee.

All this talk about having a car in the suburbs… fuck it, I think I should be able to get something as innocuous as orange wood sticks and nail files. Don’t you think so?

Thank Godddess and Mama Osun for wildegirl, who passed on from her collection last weekend, or I’d be suffering through hangnails. I’m still on the look out for a killer red nail polish. Although, I’ll probably have to lust and plot, because I still ent have no money yet.

Why did I give away all my manicure and pedicure tools? If I had know even those things were going to be so ridiculously expensive, I would’ve kept my shit. When I had them I didn’t use them the way I should have, not I feel their loss acutely.

:sigh: Such are the vagaries of life.

You know this African (YMK) said he was coming online at eight o’clock to MSN me, and it’s now 8.30pm (Trini time of course).

Why men so? Why that man so? He doan feel I tired?

You don’t know I have a damn good mind to fucking shut up shop and go to sleep.

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