Yesterday was marvellous. I spent a sensitive afternoon sharing and bonding with a new friend.

This is a German guy, living just outside of London, near-ish to me, and who is following the path of Santeria.

He’s a wonderful soul. He invited me to his flat, and filled the afternoon with laughter.

The air around us filled with the sounds of Cubano drummers and singers singing for the Orisas, and that in itself was wonderful.

He read the gypsy cards and Tarot for me, but it was inconclusive because of the state of flux and transition I am in.

The pepper soup was marvellous! Just hot enough to make my nose run slightly, but no so hot flames came out my ears. I had two bowls! When I thought I might not be able to finish, he said, ‘No, if you put it in the bowl, you must eat it!’

We talked for hours, and it was wonderful to talk to someone about Orisa and spiritual matters. It is something I miss very much since I’ve been here, since it seems to unnerve most people.

Also, since I have so few supplies with me, and what little is available to me in the everyday world is currently prohibitively expensive, I haven’t really done any work since I’ve been here.

He gave me a heads up on the Orisa/Santeria community here, and well it doesn’t surprise me some of what he’s saying. The problems in the community are similar to problems faced by Christian, Islamic and other communities around the world.

After lunch, he insisted I read for him. I was embarrassed and protested, because I’m still learning and didn’t feel I could give him the best of me, because he’s so much further ahead of me. He has his ilekes and his warriors. I have abandoned my One Hand Of Ifa.

He insisted, and so I read.

He said after I was good and the reading helped him, showed him what he already knew what was going on. It made me feel good I could help, even if it was in my own small way.

When I left, he gave me some efun and cocoa butter and some ideas on how to feed my ori, something I know is quite necessary these days. He had also bought me some green and red candles, and gave me book on some magickal formularies that looks very useful. He even promised me more learning material, and I was so thankful, because I need to learn. Now is a learning phase.

He also made sure to pack two days worth of pepper soup for me to heat and eat.

I am glad to make a friend like this. I hope this is the beginning of a long and warm friendship.

Afterwards, when I trekked back to Kent, a journey that required me going back to London Bridge and then enduring the two hour trip back, hampered by the tracks being out in two places, it was to discover that the house was filled from bottom to third floor with people still and there was nowhere to sleep.

I spent a truly uncomfortable night on the couch at my cousin’s other house in Snodland, and let me tell you, I knew thatI should have gone back to London and just come back today.

We went to sleep and 11pm and woke up at a ridiculous hour, like 4am or something. Anyway, what was done was done. Except, I definitely felt my second class citizenship around these parts.

Everyone left this morning around 5.30am, but it took me a while to crash. I didn’t sleep until the sun was well into the sky, but I slept soundly.

Thanks to wildegirl for letting me crash with her Friday and Saturday. She was kind enough to donate a sweater to my cause.

It’s getting seriously cold here, and I am without enough warm clothes. I only have the sweater wildegirl gave me, and one light sweater that doesn’t really keep me too warm, and my denim jacket. I am very worried about that, because there is no money to buy warmer things either, and like I said, everyday is a little colder.

My mother is starting to annoy me slightly, because everytime we communicate now she’s telling me that I should come home. She is saying things like, “I know you want to try it up there, but there must come a point when good sense  should tell you that you aren’t getting through. Winter is coming.”


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