So see ya girl checking e-mail and blog at a cybercafe in Marble Arch. This long, long Black man comes and stands up next to me to use the machine, when I glance over, ah nearly fall out the chair.

It was Mac Fingall.

He didn’t remember me, because last time we talked was more than ten years ago and I was being introduced.

However, he knows members of my family, and we’ve spoken in more than one newsroom since.

Besides, he’s a ‘star’, a celebrity as far as the Caribbean goes.

It was a bit of a shock though. He’s staying at the Hilton down near Marble Arch with TC and Timmy.

So when I was leaving, he was affectionate and promised not to forgive me again. I wished him a good show tonight in Greenwich, and then I was off on my way.

The world is so small.

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