Madd, Madd, Madd, and Two T’s

Today I hung out with the Madd musicians, one of Barbados’ long running performing groups, made up of a bunch of former Combermerians (my alma mater), TC and Timmy. They’re up here on a one night gig in London, at a club near the Millenium Dome in Greenwich.

Madd got down to the house around ten this morning or so, and after they were fed we headed up to London.

I hung out at the studio and watched them rehearse. The hired band was a little kerfuffled at first, but they picked up pretty quickly and well they rehearsed.

Half way through, I thought to interview them all and I did interview TC and Timmy, and had an informal interview with Madd.

I’m going to write up a story, but I’ll probably sell it to a magazine or something.

Although I won’t be able to go to the show, I think I can sell it without that, because I’m familiar with both TC and Madd. It was interesting talking to TC. She has some very strong views about the soca scene and she’s brave to go on the record and say it. it’ll be a good story. I appreciated her frank comments.

It was also interesting talking to Peter Boyce about the recent impasse between musicians and the government over piracy and intellectual property in Barbados.

Peter is very passionate about it, and his travails with the government sprawled out across the Barbadian media during the months of the Crop Over season.

What resulted was one the worst Crop Over’s musically, with big heavyweights like Red Plastic Bag, Gabby and others refusing to put out any recorded material over the the season. Well, what is Crop Over with out it’s share of controversy.

I think Peter is correct in his perspective, because artists really get not respect in Barbados. They are treated with disrespect and after 20 years, musicians like Madd deserve respect, because they’ve managed to make a uniquely Barbadian product and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.

The whole afternoon I gathered their thoughts and ideas, and giggled like MADD, because they really are funny men, and they were amazingly lively despite getting off the plane from Barbados this morning without getting a chance to sleep.

It was good to hang out with them. Philosophically, and because I’ve spent enough time living in Barbados to know just how Barbaidan’s operate on a ‘professional’ level, I know how hard it can be.

I had a good time. A real good time this afternoon.

Right now I’m cold, it’s raining outside and I’m around the corner in a cybercafe at wildegirl’s. I’m going to go get a pack of Richmond Kings Superkings (10s) and go home.

I’m still reading The Secrets of Jin Shei by Alma Alexander. It’s going very well. I like it so far.

Until tomorrow darlings… Big Mami is glad to be in the Big City tonight. I have a book, a friend to hang with and the city hum.

I’m staying in Marble Arch.

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