There is a rabid discussion going on at FeddieCHick’s blog I think any thinking person with an opinion should go have a read on.

I’ve posted some of my own ideas, but child, it’s already 60… with my own 62 comments long.

The argument is about women and how they got to be second class citizens.

Here’s my comment:

saltinecracka… your comment about not being a protected class is incorrect. Are you or are you not a white man?

I admire you for knowing about the Leonardo Last Supper painting. Did you notice that the lady on Jesus’ right and Jesus himself make the shape of an M?

In terms of the whole Jesus/Mary Magdalene theory, not only do I think the evidence to support it is providing many clues as to why the denigration of the Magdalene occured, it’s suggested in the Bible as to why.

The 12 Apostles that Christianity makes so much of were lower level disciples. All of Jesus’ true followers were women, who were the closest to him, in his inner circle and Mary Magdalene was his chief apostle. The Apostle of the Apostles as it were.

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