The thing is, I would care if elections really mattered, that they meant something. They don’t.

Don’t fool yourself.

Kerry and Bush are just two CEO’s duking it out for Slavery Incorporated.

That’s a line from this brilliantly esoteric film, Waking Life, in which one of the characters is driving around the city, belting out this rant on a loudspeaker.

I remember thinking, “Buddy you got something to say, but driving around like that, all anyone is going to hear is snatches of your vitriol.”

Thing is, the character made some good points about US politics.

Me personally, I find it sickening.

I happened to be staying in Washington D.C. in last days of the 2000 election, and it was mind numbing. I was stayingwith this cool lady, Susie (who I should have stayed in touch with, but haven’t) and everytime George Bush opened his mouth during the debate, she shouted “Asshole!” at the television.

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