1. RE: Your blog – when did you start and what made you do it?

I have always kept journals, and I still have everyone. I like the continuity of online publishing. This blog I started at the end of April, 2003. I started this one mostly because I wanted a give my thoughts, ideas, feelings a platform for consumption. It was a place where my writing could be read.

2. RE: Someone else’s blog: Is there someone who runs a blog that inspired or inspires you to start and maintain your own? Who are they and what is so special about them?

Keifel and Laura, both blogers on JS, and I all worked in the same office. They both talked so much about their own blogs, that I started my own. Keifel is special because of who he is. He’s dryly funny, surprisingly liberated for a man and he’s the father of one of the sweetest little girls I know. Laura is special because she has been the spark to many a fire in my life. Shit that’s still burning feel me. She’s also a Scorpio and I tend to get on very well with them. She’s a girlfriend.

3. Show me the linkage! Give us some blog linkage that contain some of your favorite posts and content – – who are they? Why are you linking them?

A ritual…. by moonboymac. I just loved this post. I thought it was such a powerful piece of writing.

I Always Live In His Lap by miko. What a beautiful piece of writing. I felt her, really, really felt her on this post.

Fifth Circle of JS-Development Hell by likewise. I God Magda is so fucking funny! How does she do it? She’s like that in real life too!!! Her blog is a MUST read for kicks!

So hows the sex? by syciano. Since I first hit this chick’s blog, I noticed that she could write. Her writing has actually consistently gotten better, but DAMN this girl could write some sex, oui? Shiiiiittttt….. I feeling you girl. Fi real!

Gapers and Gapees by rentaempress. I love, love, love this piece. I thought it was one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever read! I laughed almost until I cried. I just wish she’d come back and write some more, but she’s abandoned this blog it seems. However, almost everything she writes is clever and witty. Come back, girl!!

How To Give Good Head by smotlock. One of the funniest pieces on blogging I have read. Smotty on the whole is one of the finer writers on Journalspace and I have whored myself out, pimping his blog on this one. I am consistently impressed with not only his ability to turn a phrase, but his dark nihilistic sense of humour and the reaction he gets from people.

As for others, I literally couldn’t pick just ONE of bluemoaner‘s posts to comment on. Almost everything he writes is beautiful.

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