Schannah lit the goddess room just now.

30,000 people have stepped into my light-filled room since april 29, 2003. leave the light you take.

My goodness, I’m a little amazed. I’ve been watching the counter creep up, but still, it’s amazing to be in this range.

Mr. Keifel and Ms. Syciano have been here for a while, and are in fact close to passing out of the 30, 000 range, but my goodness… who would have thought I’d have reached up here. Last week, I was only at 28, 000…. In a week and two days I had two thousand hits on this blog.

I must credit the googlebot for quite a bit of hitting, but there’ve been a whole bunch of new readers as well.

I’ve been in the top ten almost every day for the last five or six days, actually made it up to number 4 on Friday; made it to #3 on the JS Top Ten yesterday. I’ve made it into the top ten about 30 times in the last three or four months. That’s like mid boggling to me.

WTF? Am I really that interesting? Do I really have so much to say?

When I looked at my HTTP referrals page, I was a little surprised, because you would not believe the things people are searching for and finding me. Chile, they got some freaky-deaky people out there in the world, no doubt.

I guess one of the gratifying things, is that my writings on Orisa and Ifa are getting searched, and being desseminated. The rest of my writing is finding an audience, and between us, that’s the best kind of feeling for a writer.

All of a sudden, I feel the need to be responsible and write more about the world and my take on it. One cannot be obsessed with totie ad nauseum… although… okay, okay… we not going down that road in this post.

I’m quite interested in this feedback thing.

What I’d like to see is more commentary, so I suppose I’m going to have to get a little more civic minded around here, or go smotlock’s route and get sarky on everybody… but then that wouldn’t be me either.

I must be doing something right, ennit? I’m enjoying this blogging thing.

I’ve never been so captivated by an online community, that eighteen months later, I suffer if I don’t log in at least once a day. That may be pitiful, but this is MY space on the web. I pay for a domain name and web hosting, but I am not a part of a community there, it’s the community that makes this journal so interesting to me.

I appreciate your feedback, your visits, your linking to me from all over the place.

I am enjoying this experience tremendously.

Blessings and Good Things! Happy 30,000 to the goddess room!

My Goddess training is moving along it seems.

P.S. And thanks to schannah for being my 30,000th reader.

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