I found this article about resumes and things to think about when creating them over at conscious scribe. (I shall Blogroll her shortly.)

I’ve been thinking over the last few days, how I have never actually used a resume to get a job. Every job I have done in my twenties I got from who I know, or because I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The last job I got was through keifel and they didn’t even see my CV until about six months after they hired me, and only because I insisted, when I needed them to give me ACTUAL work to do.

So coming to England has been a little strange. The market is so competitive, I am for the first time feeling a little out of sorts. Job prospects are good. I won’t tell you I am un-employable, but the truth is, I’ve had to really sit down and rethink my CV and my approach to sending it out into the world.

Meeting with that lady and the CV advice place did a lot to change my thinking about my CV and I managed to cut it down to two pages.

I think about how my original CV, the one I was ever so proud of, that I built about three years ago was seventeen pages long and encapsulated my varied fifteen year working life and the double pronged career I have led, I wonder how I did manage to cut it down to two pages.

It was with ruthless hard-headed word intolerance that I did it, and only a job resulting from it will be the final litmus test.

It’s kind of frustrating, because how could two pages really tell anyone who I am and why they should hire me?

Our world is such a morass of mediocrity anyway, how can two pages really define all the things that make me a good worker?

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