Sia Amma is Down for the Count Writer/Performer of “What Mama Said About ‘Down There’ Encourages Dialogue about SEX between Mothers and Daughters

San Francisco, CA—Live entertainment takes a sharp downward turn on September 10th as “What Mama Said About ‘Down There'” launches its one-month run at the Burie Clay Theater at the African American Art & Culture Complex at 762 Fulton Street in San Francisco.

Largely political, a bit clinical, inherently sexual and utterly unforgettable, “What Mama Said About ‘Down There'” is the latest performance piece from writer/performer/activist Sia Amma. Directed by Gloria Weinstock, the lighthearted comedy takes a trip “down there” to get the lowdown on what mothers say (or don’t say) about those “nether regions” and the effect their

communication style has on their daughters.

Armed with insight, biting wit and gentle humor, the play features a lively multicultural female cast and a “True Confessions” presentation format that takes a page from beauty parlor fodder of the 50s. As the play unfolds, Amma takes fifties-style sexual repression out for a spin and

hangs it up to dry.

“What Mama Said About ‘Down There'” utilizes the art of playful storytelling to spotlight sexual politics, social codes and hidden issues at the root of what’s “down there”. By initiating dialogues and diffusing tension with humor, the play hopes to serve as a bridge to frank discussions of sexuality and more honest communication between mothers and daughters.

“Down There’ is the companion piece to “Clitoris Celebration-Think Outside the Box”, its subject matter style bearing witness to Ammas’ flair for wry humor and penchant for communication. The founder of Global Women Intact (GWI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending female circumcision through education, information and outreach, Amma has witnessed firsthand the most brutal examples of damages borne by misinformation, silence, fear and ignorance.

Calendar Information

Dates: Fridays and Saturdays, September 10-11, September 17-18, October 1-2

and October 8-9 2004.

Time: 8 p.m.

Location: African American Art & Culture Complex

The Buriel Clay Theater

762 Fulton Street (near Webster)

San Francisco, CA 94102

Cost: Sliding scale: $12-$20.

Tickets are available at the door or at

Free parking is available.

Press Contact:

Ave Montague

[email protected]

(415) 346-0199

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