Educa Vision, Inc. is proud to announce a new imprint, Caribbean Studies Press, focusing on scholarly texts and references in Caribbean Studies. Subjects of particular interest include anthropology, archaeology, biography, economics, religion, sociology, and visual and performing arts.

Caribbean Studies Press has been established as a new and independent English-language publisher of scholarly information and discussion about the Caribbean and its diaspora. The press is committed to providing affordable resources for academic professionals, students, and libraries. As part of this goal, Caribbean Studies Press fosters collaboration with its authors and editors and maintains accelerated production schedules.

The Press is currently soliciting manuscripts in the field of Caribbean Studies for publication. Particularly welcomed are pan-Caribbean perspectives, critical studies and analyses, and original scholarship in the social sciences and visual and performing arts. Ideas for possible book projects are also welcomed.

Caribbean Studies Press has a webpage,, with a catalog of new works in Caribbean Studies from Educa Vision, Inc. In addition, new releases in Caribbean Studies from other publishers are also represented, which indicate some of the interests of Caribbean Studies Press.

If you are interested in discussing publishing or book projects with Caribbean Studies Press we’d like to hear from you.

Contact: [email protected]

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