Hmmm… wondering if Piquant Bass would be good for this? They say they publish full books….

What do you think?

eXtasy Books Submissions Guidelines

eXtasy Books is seeking submissions in all genres, romance, sciencfiction, fantasy, BDSM etc. Our full category line is on our site. We welcome interracial, African American, multi racial, you name it, from mildly sensual to super hot. And super hot does not mean porn. We require a plot and story. Sexuality should compliment a story, not the other way around.

We publish from short stories 5,000 words, to full books–up to 200,000 words.

We are also opening up a straight romance line called PEARLS, which can contain mild degrees of sensuality but will be totally geared at romance readers.

Our full guidelines are on our website as well as a sample contract and the submission email address. Please state clearly in the subject line of your email: SUBMISSION.

Source: Erotica Readers Association

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