I God! I am so horny…

Last year when I was recovering from the fuckery of a fucked up individual, I went through something similar.

My pussy would keep me up at night, throbbing and aching, full, helplessly clenching and squeezing in on itself. Then there were nights the throbbing was replaced by burning, okay no, it was a decided itch.

I would worry, because I thought something was wrong with me, but my findings only indicate a state of horniness.

Shit…. I can call that whole debacle last year what it was, nothing more than my pussy being dick whipped, and not particularly well either.

Now, the itch is back. Now, there is more than just being dick whipped going on.

I am constantly probing myself and my heart right now, trying to dog beneath the surface and ascertain whether this is just dick whippedness or you know, something more.

I am deathly afraid of making the same mistakes I made before.

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