Goin’ On Vacation

1.  What is your favorite mode of transportation when traveling?

2.  If you had the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

3.  Have you ever been to another country?

4.  If time were not an issue, how long would could you stand to be away from home?

5.  What is the funnest or most interesting trip you’ve taken?

Source: Sunday Brunch


1. I like planes, trains and automobiles. I also like cosmic traveling, but that’s another meme, ennit?

2. Machu Pichu, Peru.

3. Indeed. About to go live in one.

4. As long as I needed to. This time I am leaving home for at least two years, but I’d like to think I’d visit, but we’ll see. Home is where the heart is.

5. First off, ‘funnest’ is not a word in the English language, it is some dirty Americanisn. The best trip I’ve take in recent times was not off-island (Trinidad I mean) it was when we went camping up Grand Rivere.

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