So somewhere between
fun for the moment,
the something to do for now
and the thing we crept to do,
the world has spun on it’s axis
and our polarities shifted.
Did you notice how
we grew from a frank appraisal,
a level reached,
a five of pressed,
and a discussion on how
you can’t hold water
in your hand?
Didn’t we smile knowingly
at each other,
sensing the filament of spirit
tingling and
attracting like
iron filings
to magnets?
The swell of your smile
and the sly little looks,
over the arch of our game
have made me a believer
of possibilities.
The promise of what?
I now believe in
the promise of nothing
the promise of everything,
the unspoken wishes
the unheard sighs.
Sentimentality aside,
haven’t you noticed
how well we fit together
the note of freedom singing through
all we say or do
and how freedom binds
as surely as imprisonment
frees the mind
I am…….
missing you.

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