In last night’s dream, my son walked up to me and said hello.

I was in the dark somewhere, I could only see what the light my body was giving off could illuminate, which wasn’t much. I saw another little glow in the far distance getting bigger. Inside the glow was a carmel coloured little boy, a toddler no more than three.

He looked a little like me, but I didn’t say anything as he got closer.

He walked right up to me, “Hi Mama!”

My heart leapt into my throat, “Hello. What do you mean ‘Mama’?”

“They’re all organising everything… not sure what it is they’re doing exactly, but the said they were fixing everything. When they’re done, you and me we’ll be together.”

“Uhhh… ok,” I responded. “Thanks for the heads up.”

“My name is Dayo Mumma, don’t forget.”

“Ok, uhhh… Dayo.”

He flashed me a beautiful smile, and skipped away into the dark.

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