On Tuesday night I fixed a pumpkin for Osun. I made it with and for love. I followed the instructions pretty closely. The five egg yolks was very hard. I went through quite a few of them before I could get five whole yolks.

The pumpkin is a big beautiful light yellow one, it’s belly lusciously round.

Earlier in the day, I went and collected all the things I needed, and started working on it.

We were sitting on my bed, he was threatening to fuck me even though we were on pause where sex is concerned. Aunt Flow is in town.

(Sidenote:I don’t care how fucking appalling some people find talking about one’s period is and can be. Personally, I think we’re in denial regarding the human body, and therefore have issues at even the mere mention of something that is as normal as defecating and urinating. You never seem to hear a vehement protestation regarding the word ‘shit’ or ‘pee’. Why is the female body such a threatening thing? And why are we still repressing all reference to the female body and it’s functions, other than in an obviously sexual way? Did you know there isn’t a medical term for the fluid women secrete during arousal?)

But I digress. Seriously.

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