Oshun purrs seductively into your life to awaken your sensuality. Oshun signals that it is time to acknowledge and honour the magnificence of your own being, by nurturing the five senses with beauty and art, sensual delights and self-adornment.  Now is the time to unleash your sensual individuality through creative dress and the sensory delights of self indulgence.  Oshun beckons you to emerse yourself within magical aromas; exotic tastes; exquisite sights;  joyous sounds; and the ecstatic sensations of this wondrous existence.

Suggested Ritual. For this ritual gather a full length mirror, feather,  talc, orange scented and floating candles, scented soaps, body scrub, soft towels, colourful scarves (preferably silk) and body lotion.  Play sensuous music and have a brightly coloured outfit ready to wear.

Firstly treat yourself to a luxurious bath or shower surrounded by the seductive light of scented candles.  Indulge your body with the scented soaps and body scrubs.  Towel off until completely dry.

Stand naked in front of the mirror in the candlelight,  view your body and see that you are beautiful, no matter what shape, age or size. Acknowledge the miracle of this amazing vessel that carries your spirit and soul.

Dust your body seductively with talcum powder.  Become aware of the music as you improvise the slow, fluid,  movements of your own sensual dance. Take up the feather and exotically stroke your skin from toe to head building the movements into your dance, relishing the pleasures of touch.  Breathing in the scents of zesty orange take up the scarves and again enjoy the sensual sensations of silk floating against the skin of your arms, legs and torso.  Stay with the dance until all of your senses are heightened and you are transformed into the Goddess of Sensuality herself.

At the end of this exercise dress yourself in your brightly coloured outfit and treat yourself to another sensual experience, e.g. a crepe suzette, a zesty fruit salad, make love or visit the local art gallery.

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