(Praising the Spirit of the River)

A tun eri eni ti o sunwon se. Alase tun se a kí nla oro bomi.

Witness of a person’s ecstasy renewed. Once again in command of things, she greets the most important matter in the water.

Ipen obinrin a jo eni ma re. Osun ma je mo aiye o jó le li eri.

Most o can burn a person, Spirit of the River don’t let the world dance evil on my head.

Ala agbo ofe a bi omo mu oyin. Otiti li owó adun ba soro po. O ni ra mo ide.

Caring without fee, she gives the healing, honeyed water to the child. Rich as She is, She speaks sweetly to the multitude, She has bought all the secrets of copper.

O ro wanwan jó wa. O jo lubu ola eregede.

Here she comes dancing, making her bracelets tinkle like the forest brook. She is dancing in the depths of underwater riches. My mother has hollowed out something in the sand.

Alade obrinin sowon. Afinju obinrin ti ko a ide.

Crowned woman is very, elegant in the way she handles money.

Osun olu ibú ola, Olo kiki eko.

The Spirit of the River, master of the depths of wealth, Owner of innumerable parrrot feathers.

Ide fi ojú ta iná.

The flash of brass in the fire of her eyes.

Oni ro wanranwanran wanran omi ro. Afi ide si omo li owo. Ase.

Water murmuring over stones is the Spirit of the River dancing with her jewels of brass, dancing with her tinkling rings of brass. Only the children of the Spirit of the River have such copper bracelets on their arms. May it be so.


Osun Owner-of-sweet-waters

Osun Queen worthy to be praised

To make a crown of water in the womb

Is the gift of the compassionate mother

To waft breezes from the splendour of brass fans

The way to cool and make calm weeping Water

As golden-amber honey flows from bees

So love flows sweetly from Owner-of-streams

Osun whose tears make plea

That love is not enough in the world

It is said Water once set out to seduce Iron

To leave the exile of a dense forest home

That day covering a love-stricken face Ogun returned to

Clearing fields cutting pathways opening roads

In faded blue cloth water-washed white

Osun steps subtly from the stream to dance

Illustrious-Queen modest-woman in one

Osun makes playful music with bangles of brass

Without Water

My life is aimless blown-dust on the road

Without Water

Mourning-eyes lacking recompense of tears

Osun worthy to be Queen

Osun worthy to be praised


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