Osun Pumpkin For Prosperity

This spell was copied off of a brochure that Dumuzzi bought for 75 cents. Author unknown.


A real pumpkin

Gold spray paint

A piece of real gold (can be a couple links of a gold chain, or flakes of gold    leaf)

5 pieces of star anise (herb)

5 whole cloves

Florida Water

Five shiny pennies

String of pearls (can be imitation)

5 cinnamon sticks

5 bay leaves

5 strands of parsley


Silver and gold glitter.


Take your pumpkin and cut around the top making a lid. Remove the lid and clean    out the pumpkin seeds (seeds, strands, goop, etc.). Place the lid back on it and spray paint the entire pumpkin (including lid and stem) with gold spray paint. Wait for it to completely dry. Remove the lid and rub Florida Water (as a perfume) and honey inside the pumpkin. Place the pearls, piece of real gold, 5 pieces of star anise, 5 pieces of whole cloves, 5 cinnamon sticks, 5 bay leaves, 5 sprigs of fresh parsley and 5 shiny pennies inside the body of the pumpkin, sprinkle silver and gold glitter on everything and close the lid tightly.

This is your offering to Oshun, the Orisa who grants beauty and prosperity. Ask Oshun for her help to bring you prosperity in a correct way that harms no one.

Keep this pumpkin inside the doorway of your home for 15 days. Bring it to the river on a Friday and drop it into the water – asking for Oshun’s blessings of prosperity. Thank her for her help!

I have never done this type of offering for Osun before, but I definitely want to make one before I leave Trinidad. I had planned on making another trip to the river, at least one before I left, but this makes a nice idea to add to my efforts. I have never made a focussed offering like the one described above.

I’ve always just gotten grains, pumpkins, honey and olive oil and fed the nearest river to me. I have participated in focussed offerings, (and have written about them in this blog,) but never on my own. It will be an important step for me.

I remember back in the day, when I was telling Big Mama K about my troubles and not know what to do, and she said to me in a stern and very serious voice, “Oi, ndelamiko! You training to be a priestess and do not know what to do? Get yourself to a river girl!”

So I’ve been going, but not always to practise, to focus my offerings. I fed the river just before my birthday when I went up to Blanchiseusse, but I felt a little truncated. There were too many people there to really get into the spirit of what I was doing, and spend time singing and paying tribute to the Beauty of Mama Oshun. I really miss that, I’m beginning to really feel the need to go and do it.

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