i saw the sky with new eyes

the blue became…

another hue, another colour

the clouds became…

something else,

became the edge of souls.

great gusts of wind

whipped up the leaves

and turned them into

dancing little fireflies

before my face

the tree into a feather duster that

brushed away the blue

to reveal the infinite connections

between these metamorphosed shades

and us all,

revealed a new dimension

i watched from my angle, the souls rise like unsettled dust,

visible on the light streaming through

the window.

eager, and half remembering

i stood at the edge of my


and fell, and fell, and fell

willingly, happily

into the ‘new’ sky.

it bore up the core of me,

like a graceful mother,

a gentle father

bore me up

the soul centre

larger than the case

bore me up and out

It breathed the vapor-thin fullness of me

into an existence my human mind did not absorb

but the angel-soul did.

I looked down and saw the earth

with new eyes

eyes that belonged to my lucid soul

and i remembered this new place

and forgot the  recently familiar.

to return, to return again.

for andrea clare and the recently departed

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