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The very simplest magic spell I know for drawing in money was taught to me in the 1960s by the owner of a store that sold hoodoo spiritual supplies in Oakland, California. All you need to perform it is a ball-point pen and some Money Drawing Sachet Powder , plus Money Drawing Oil or Hoyt’s cologne . In a pinch you can use whiskey instead of the oil or Hoyt’s cologne . Here’s how it goes:

First you need to understand the “SUCCESS sigil.” This is a special, cryptic way of writing the word “success.” Try it out on paper before you do it on your money.

First write the word


Then write it again without the vowels


Then draw a line through each S to change it to a dollar sign $ and draw a line through each C to change it to a cent sign ¢


Finally, add another $ to the front so that the whole thing is a symmetrical palindrome (reading the same from front to back and back to front)


That is the SUCCESS sigil — $$¢¢$$.

Now take out every bill in your wallet. Write the SUCCESS sigil diagonally in every corner of each bill. Underneath the name of the US Treasurer, write your own full name. Mark the bills spiritually by sprinkling each one with Money Drawing Sachet Powder and dragging your four fingernails down along it in “wavy snake lines,” then shaking the powder off. Dress the four corners of each bill with a drop of Money Drawing Oil ,Hoyt’s cologne , or whiskey as you say the 23rd Psalm out loud (“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…”). Put the dressed money back in your wallet.

Dressed money such as this is called “trained money” or “hunting money” because If you spend it wisely, it will go out into the world and hunt up more money to come your way.

Spend your trained hunting money only on things that are necessary to you or which can bring you more money or success — that is, if you are a student, spend that money on school supplies. If you have a job, spend the money on office supplies, or a uniform, or postage stamps for the business.

The man who taught me this money spell said it was especially good if you got a new job that required a uniform and you dressed each bill you would spend on the uniform rather than writing a check for it.

If you start using trained hunting money like this, in the years to come you will also notice that now and then you will receive money with someone’s else’s name written on it, or the SUCCESS sigil, or some other mark, and you’ll know that those folks are using similar money-drawing spells. If you get a bill with someone else’s name on it, write yours under theirs and say the 23rd Psalm for their success and for your own as you do so. This way you piggy-back your magic spell on top of theirs and you will both benefit.

Source: Lucky Mojo


I don’t have Money Drawing Powder or oil, but I have Wealthy Way powder and oil, and will do a substitution.

Part of the thing with spells and rituals, is experimentation. I’ve read in more than one place, it’s your intent and the will of your subconscious that makes magic work. Mental and spiritual focus is vitally important in realising your goal when engaging in ritual. Visualisation is important as well, but these things work in concert to manifest your wishes or desires.

Me, I engage in ritual, but allow God to do Her work.

So I have about $1600 on my Egun shrine, and will perform this spell tonight. I will also only spend this money on the downpayment for my ticket to England, and for the processing fee for my UK Visa.

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