The Morning Flew Away

I’ve spent the morning thus far:

  • I made Mojuba for Ancestors, God and Orisa. Invoked the six directions, and offered coffee, Three Kings and 7 African Power incenses, and water with a little Divine Agua in it.
  • I divined for more guidance on things. Was told to stop worrying about money.
  • I compiled an inventory of books currently in my possession. (I have noticed that quite a number of books are missing, and I suspect my brother made free with copies of several books. This is one of his most annoying habits. My entire Dark Tower Series, a couple of Dune novels, The Hobbit, a collection of stories by Phillip K Dick, a copy of The Courage to Heal, and others… and that’s just want I know is missing off the top of my head. He can be such a fink! Do you have any idea how annoying it is to know you have something, and when you go to get it, realise that somebody took it without asking. He doesn’t understand why I make such a big fuss about it.)
  • Listened to “Return of Saturn” by No Doubt.
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