Catherine Siepp mentioned me in her Blogiversary post today. She mentioned my given name, and linked to my blog!

If you don’t know who she is, go over there and start reading. She’s a very clever, very witty writer and a seasoned journalist. She was on Dennis Miller’s show on CNBC earlier this week. Her description of the show is hilarious! Her daughter is also a very good writer for a girl in her mid teens.

I am honoured of course. I love Cathy’s writing, and find her very funny. As a journalist who blogs, she summed up in a few paragraphs some of the reasons why I blog. I wrote this long comment to her, but Haloscan wouldn’t let me post it. Allyuh know BigMami, very wordy and expressive. So it ended up being a private message. She wrote a lovely little note back, and asked if she could excerpt part of my comment for her blog. Wasn’t that nice?

BTW Cathy, not meaning to nitpick honey, but I don’t spell my name with any upper case characters. ndelamiko lord. The ‘n’ is silent.

One of the things I told Cathy in my comment to her — and I will paraphrase here — is that blogging allows you to connect with people whose perspective you may or may not agree with, but whose writing moves you. For me, it’s been an intriguing look into the things that inspire people to record their perspective. The people who can make the mundane drudgery of their lives seem interesting are people who have my vote. I realise my blog is very different from others, but I see my own experiences in others… so what does that mean? The more different we are, the more alike we become?

By far, the blogs I love best and read the most are the ones that are well written. Cathy is a great writer. She should be, she’s written for a bunch of impressive people, read her profile here.

I appreciate the link and the mention. All visitors from Cathy’s World, welcome to my eclectic, different world.

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