Although I think he echoes things I’ve been saying in my blog since about December last year, here’s a really inciteful article about Haiti.

What he does do in this commentary, is make some very clear statements about the US and it’s involvement in the destabilisation of Haiti.

What is interesting is, that he also comments on the laughable government installed by the US, and their ludicrous, infantile actions over the last week.

They’ve been going around killing Aristide supporters, yet saying they will not allow any other country to kill and maim the Haitian people.

Then they very stupidly and ill advisedly suspended their membership in CARICOM, in protest of Aristide’s visit to Jamaica.

Instead, what is happening Haiti now, is thug life of the kind that ran Haiti after Baby Doc got run out of the place.

Anyway, read the article. It’s very good.

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