In keeping with earlier themes, Van Sertima has explored in “They Came Before Columbus”, this collection of essays explores the effect that Africans had on the Americas, thousands of years before Columbus.

This book offers varying historical papers and works that deal specifically with this topic. Edited by, and including an introduction by Dr. Ivan Van Seritma, the book also explores connections between Mainland China and the New World with evocative results.

Vibrant pictorially and drawing indelible lines between the old world of Ancient Egypt and the New. Using commonalities in artwork, forms of worship and other artifacts that have been found on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific, it becomes increasingly clear that Europeans were late starters in the exploration game, falling at the very least several thousand years behind.

The authors of the papers and essays here, painstakingly researched and presented their contributions to the ‘new history’. For that they should be commended. For that reason you should read this book.

First Published: The Zone Magazine, Sunday Guardian, February 11 1996

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