In thirty years, I’ve learned from my mother:

  1. How to keep white clothes whites (without dry cleaning).
  2. How to stop bee stings and such from swelling.
  3. How to shop for Brazilian and Italian leather shoes.
  4. How to sense a liar.
  5. The value of art and artists.
  6. The value of pragmatism.
  7. How to laugh even when I want to cry.
  8. How to be independent.
  9. That manners maketh man, woman, child, dog and cat.
  10. That sometimes, the finest kind of education cannot be found in a University halls.
  11. That gay people are people.
  12. How to find bargains.
  13. The length, depth and magnificence of the African man and his descendant’s history.
  14. That sometimes, you just have to buy that divine red top!
  15. The value of rebellion against a corrupt and spiritually bankrupt system of control.
  16. That even the smallest, most ineffectual person can become a lion in a heartbeat.
  17. How to boil coffee and how it tastes better. Richer somehow.
  18. That love and sex are not the same.
  19. That relatives are treacherous, but family is for life.
  20. That we (my family) are assimilated Amerindians.

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