About a week ago, my ex RBB, gave my mother some money to send for me. He also asked me to make some enquiries locally about something he needed.

I didn’t do it last week, because I was dog sick, but this morning I called, and then called him in Barbados.

After I had passed on the info, he and I talked a little. I told him thank you for the money and then told him I was planning to go to England. He said he thought it was a good move for me, something he thinks I need to do.

“You need to get out from down there. Get away from the vibes there.”

I agreed, and he gave me a lot of encouragement.

I told him if he was planning to go up to Denmark to visit his parents, and he was passing through England, that we should get together and hang out. I told him, I would always love him and that as long as I live, I’d always have time for him so we could catch a movie and have a meal, and talk and laugh the way we always do.

It kind of put me in a retrospective mood. I am thinking about all the things that cause you to love a person, and how that person’s love can so easliy stop when you don’t bend to their will. For me and RBB, we don’t exactly do that. Our friendship is based on the qualities we see in each other, and although we aren’t together anymore, we still love and care about each other deeply.

I feel very grateful to have lovers like that in my past. More than one. I mostly end up as friends with my exes. Whatever it is that we share, we go on caring about each other, decades after its over in some cases.

RBB and I, accept that we can’t or won’t be together, but that flow of concern and caring hasn’t stopped, and I hope it never will.

He says he looks forward to our future outings as friends, and wished me the best of luck with everything.

:SIGH: Sweet man…

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