Mummy, I’ve Told My Boss…

So I talked to my mother this morning, and it was a good conversation. I told her how different and better I felt after the last two baths, and that there was one more to go she said, “You’re out of it now. I can feel it.”

It’s true though. The spiritual people, and people who deal in metaphysics are seeing and hearing a difference in me. I do feel different. I’m still me, it’s just the sense of oppression and frustration is gone. I feel free, and lighter. I don’t feel that big, dark presence behind me. I don’t feel as though the Eye Of Sauron has me pinned to some crag

When I told her about the movement forward of my plans to England, she was supportive. When I told her I wanted to be out of Trinidad by July 1, the earliest or August 31 the latest, she said, “Better make it July 1, because by the end of August, it’s going to start to get cold. You don’t want to go there at the beginning of winter.”

She’s right too. I’m going to need to give myself some time to acclimate. I told her I’d been doing research into jobs and looking for apartments, flats and that sort of thing. She said, “That’s good, at least you have an idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

O mi gawd! Could this be my mother? I am suspicious. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ll see.

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